Healthy Hue

20 years young. I’m creating this blog to share what I know about food, and fashion. I am a farmers daughter who grew up yearning to get out of my everyday work clothes, and into a sun-dress.

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Dress - Forever 21

Bandeau - Aerie

Shoes - Franko Sarto


Flowers from a local farmers market, and a friends home.


Florals are my favorite, along with lace, and summer time is when the season starts. Flowers are blooming, and I’m making sure they are not only in my home, but also on the clothes I wear. There’s no better way to feel good, then in something light and beautiful.

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Dress - Mark.

Shoes - Goodwill


New York went from being sunny to cloudy as always, so brightness wasn’t my key. Always want to stay cool in summer, but rain can do the job. No short shorts, and on to a lightweight dress, and strapped pumps.

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I think to go bright is always better in the summer, so metallic silver is the color. Summer is the time to wear the colors that winter just won’t allow, and to get your toes done while sandal season is around.

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Have to start off the day with something, and what better way then a bowl filled with apples, raisins and oatmeal. Since summer is finally here I pulled out the short shorts and crop tops to keep cool during the summer days. New York can get so hot, so I try and keep the sun from blinding with a floppy on the top, and feet comfortable with a pair of striped wedges.

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Would You Hire Me?



Getting ready for an interview today, and never sure how to maintain professionalism, and style together. Choosing the little black dress is simplicity at it’s best, and keeps both qualities intact to the outfit. For my feet 1930s style shoes that my they thank me for. All together classy, and comfortable.

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Spring Pants


Went on a few mall trips these past couple of weeks. Every trip I picked up a pair of new pants. Being a girl who hates jeans I look for a way to express my style, but want to maintain comfortability in my own skin. These pants are what to veer towards, if jeans aren’t your favorite thing to slip into on a daily basis.

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Grocery Day

Girl needs. Always best to try and buy fresh food as well.

Tori (in her cheetah) and I (socks and stripes)

My roommate and I decided to do some grocery shopping today. In the process of checking out of the line we realized are choice of footwear. We chose stripes and cheetah print, although both very popular, I don’t think the socks I chose complimented the sneakers quite well. To show that I do know a comfortable cute way to dress for a day of errands I put together the bottom look.


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FIT Museum

Pretty view outside of the school, and a captured picture of the menswear sketches.

Outfits of the past.

Special Yves Saint Laurent and Halston Exhibit

I took a trip to the museum located at FIT, and luckily went while they have the Yves Saint Laurent and Halston exhibit up. Seeing all the clothes from the past, and walking through their careers gives a look into what the fashion world is about, and what can be created. If interested in fashion I definitely recommend to visit FIT for all the fashion inspiration within the school. It’s a great place to glide through the time of when fashion started, and land in the present where fashion continues to thrive.

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Day with Mom

City sidewalks and daily activities.


Ann Taylor is where I picked up some new clothes for the new season.


Got to finally visit the Museum of Arts and Design. A lot of unique and beautiful pieces.


Even though it was a rainy day my mom and I took advantage of the free time we had. We went out to get some lunch and visit a few museums, shopping, and finished the night at Eugene O'Neill Theatre to see The Book of Mormon. Such a nice day, and even got to get a few cute outfits out of it.

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Straight Hair Short Dress

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 4.26.43 PM.png

This warm weather creates change everywhere including my roots, and the length of my clothing. Straightening my hair always takes time, but it’s a nice switch from dealing with my rambunctious curls everyday. The dress I picked up on my wednesday salvo trip. When I first saw the dress I was not sure if I liked the beginning product, but after small tweaks (hem and buttons) it’s now another piece added to the wardrobe.

Advice: Save buttons (for anytime a button is needed), and blow dry hair before straightening it. It is not only less damaging, but gives your hair nice bounce.

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